GA Annual General Meeting Highlights

October 5th marked the 18th annual General Authority AGM where they highlighted the successes and challenges that were faced over the past year. A significant accomplishment was the creativity and innovation that was apparent within the member agencies of the General Authority.  The agencies adapted and supported staying connected, keeping children safe and encouraging a healthy caring community in these uncertain times.

There were four areas that were highlighted in the AGM as successes, namely, agency innovation during COVID, supporting transition to adulthood strategies, family finding and the supported guardianship model and youth engagement networks. There were video vignettes shared on the strategies implemented to keep kids connected with families through a kindness clotheslines, front yard story-time and craft kits and letters mailed to children in care.  The importance of young adult agreements was shared with a video testimonial from a former youth in care. She shared how her experience within the system and her social worker that was a role model and mentor to her helped set her up for success in her goals of completing post-secondary education and transitioning into adulthood.

The importance of supported guardianship that encourages opportunities for kinship was discussed where the General Authority and its member agencies are leading the way with a system of practice that focuses on healing is possible. Youth engagement networks were explored with the team from Voices, where they discussed their method of engaging youth in care by mentoring one another and creating a community through equipping youth to be an advocate for themselves and encouraging empowerment through support and community.

This unprecedented year was filled with challenges but the General Authority and its member agencies walked a path of continuous improvement and showed commitment to doing things better than previous years.