Early Childhood Development

Healthy Child Manitoba research shows that the first six years of a child life are critical to their life-long development. It also shows:

  • Children who are nurtured and given positive attention during their early years are less likely to develop learning, behavioural and emotional problems later in life.
  • Children who participate in early childhood learning programs such as preschool and daycare are more ready to enter public school than children who are not involved in these types of programs.
  • Parents and children both benefit from the parent being involved in their child’s education from the early years and throughout life.
  • Parental involvement in their child’s early learning activities at-home or in preschool or daycare, can have a positive impact on the child’s future success academically and personally.
  • CFS of Western Manitoba also believes that a parent is a child’s best first teacher and offers a variety of programs to help parents support and get involved in their child’s learning from the early stages.

For more information about early childhood education, visit the Healthy Child Manitoba website.