In-Home Support

In-Home Support

In-Home Support is meant to give Westman families healthy and positive resources to help make them stronger before their situations reach a crisis point.

An In-Home Support worker acts as an important advocate for the family in their own community to help reduce their isolation and to make sure they have access to available and appropriate community resources and programs.

The worker offers service in the family’s home and within their community. The worker can help in many areas including (but not limited to):

  • Modeling parenting skills to help promote communication between parents and children.
  • Providing parents with education that helps them deal with the expected stages of emotional and social development of their child.
  • Offering one-on-one support to address concerns specific to the family.
  • Teaching basic home management skills such as budgeting, meal planning, age appropriate children’s chores, etc.
  • Mentoring children in some cases.
  • Supporting parents in establishing routines and structure within the family home.

To be eligible for In-Home Support, a family must have an open file and assigned social worker with Child and Family Services of Western Manitoba.

For more information about our In-Home Support program or if you want to apply for an In-Home Support Worker position, call 204-726-6030 (toll free 1-800-483-8980) or email