Youth Engagement Program

Youth Engagement Program

The goal of the Youth Engagement Program is to support CFS of Western Manitoba’s youth-in-care through their journey from entering care to independence and competence. This initiative has proved to be a very effective and important support to these youth.

A Youth Engagement Specialist works directly with the youth-in-care, their workers, and their care providers to:

  • Advocate
  • Provide supports and resources
  • Offer a listening ear so that youth can have a voice in the child welfare system.

The Youth Engagement Specialist also helps problem-solve and connect youth to sources of support and information.

Another part of the Youth Engagement Program is to provide support to youth who are extending their care or transitioning out of care. Scholarships and sponsorships are identified and youth are assisted in developing their post-secondary education plans with their worker and caregivers. CFS of Western Manitoba also holds an annual age of majority celebration for youth who have turned 18 in the past year. This event has proved to be very meaningful for the youths being celebrated.