Children's Therapy Program

If you know or suspect that a child is being abused, please report it immediately to CFS of Western Manitoba at 204-726-6030 (toll free 1-800-483-8980, 24-hrs-per-day-7-days-per-week) or your police department.

CFS of Western Manitoba provides therapeutic services to children who have experienced abuse trauma and to their family members.

Our Childen’s Therapy Program reduces the impacts of trauma as measured by the pre- and post-measuring of PTSD symptoms in the majority of clients. Without therapy, victims of this kind of trauma can develop negative life-long effects including (but not limited to) poor social and peer skills, difficulty in relationships, destruction of self-esteem, guilt, shame, rage, sleeping and eating disorders, educational difficulties and parenting problems. Treatment can be short or long term, intense and offered at different life stages.