Family Strengthening

CFS of Western Manitoba’s family strengthening programs and services provide support, knowledge and a variety of techniques and skills that can enhance the most important job a parent can have: raising their children as healthy, productive, successful and caring community citizens.

Our programs have something for everyone. There are programs for first-time parents-to-be, parents of teenagers, grandparents, dads only and new immigrants. We offer parenting courses and workshops, life skills programs, support groups, literacy programs, in-home family supports, teen and pre-school programs and much more. There are sessions for parents only and others where parents and their children can learn, play and have fun together.

CFS of Western Manitoba believes that the best way to protect children is through strengthening and supporting the family’s ability to meet their children’s needs. That’s why we invest in children, families and communities by offering early childhood development programs and healthy, positive, parenting education. All are designed to focus on parenting as a whole rather than on the problem behaviors of children, and to help parents gain an understanding of these behaviors and give them the tools to effectively and positively respond to them.

Our family strengthening programs operate thanks to financial support from private, public, community and organizational donations as well as grants and sponsorships. CFS of Western Manitoba is most grateful for this support.