Youth Program & Services

Youth Programs & Services

Cypress House

Cypress House is a six-bed group home that houses boys from preadolescence through to 17 years of age.

Boys staying at Cypress House include those with emotional, social, and behavioural needs related to sexual abuse issues.

Our staffs skill and commitment are keys to helping these boys through intensive long term treatment.

Patrick House

Patrick House is a staffed group home which lodges adolescents ages 13 to 17 who require nurturing care and treatment in a relatively structured setting.

Individual program plans are developed and progress is reviewed regularly to ensure resident needs are met. Family contact and their participation in treatment planning is expected.

Residents are encouraged and assisted to participate in regular community schools and activities.

As the adolescent stabilizes and matures, their program emphasis turns toward preparation for them to return home or to move to a less intensively supervised or structured environment such as a foster home, a room and board situation, or a supported independent living program.

Our staff makes every effort to promote a sense of belonging for each young person staying at Cypress or Patrick House. Rebuilding and communication with families is a priority and where those ties are fractured, staff works with other people in the young person’s life who they can build and maintain a life-long connection with.