Child Care

Preschool Enrichment Program

For over 50 years, CFS of Western Manitoba’s Preschool Enrichment Program (PEP) has been offering a variety of opportunities and experiences vital to a child’s healthy growth and development. The PEP offers your child consistency, nurturing and specialized stimulation at a preschool level using individual and group activities. It also gives you as parents support, education and resources to help you help your child learn.

Your involvement in the PEP is an important part of the program. Research shows that you as parents play a very important role as your child’s first and lifelong ‘teacher’ and that those of you who participate in your child’s early learning process tend to stay involved in your child’s future learning. PEP staff encourage parents to participate on committees and volunteer in the program, on field trips and with special celebrations. Parents are also offered parenting and support programs to help you enhance your parenting skills.

Healthy Child Manitoba supports the positive effectiveness of preschool programs. Their research shows that the first five years of children’s lives are very important in preparing them for future success in public school and in life.

To contact the PEP, call 204-727-6650

Victoria Daycare Centre

The Victoria Day Care Centre (VDCC) was established in 1972. We are committed to providing care to each child in a nurturing and stimulating environment so that your child will develop to their fullest potential. Children participate in a wide variety of activities such as music, art, games, dress-up, outdoor play and field trips.

Parents are invited and encouraged to share in activities, volunteer, join committees and attend parenting workshops. VDCC recognizes that you as parents are your child’s first and lifelong teacher and values the opportunity to collaborate with you in supporting your child’s learning and development.


To contact the VDCC, call 204-728-9845

Early Childhood Development

Healthy Child Manitoba research shows that the first six years of a child life are critical to their life-long development. It also shows:

  • Children who are nurtured and given positive attention during their early years are less likely to develop learning, behavioural and emotional problems later in life.
  • Children who participate in early childhood learning programs such as preschool and daycare are more ready to enter public school than children who are not involved in these types of programs.
  • Parents and children both benefit from the parent being involved in their child’s education from the early years and throughout life.
  • Parental involvement in their child’s early learning activities at-home or in preschool or daycare, can have a positive impact on the child’s future success academically and personally.

CFS of Western Manitoba also believes that you as parents are your child’s best first teacher and offers a variety of programs to help you support and get involved in your child’s learning from the early stages.


For more information about early childhood education,

visit the Healthy Child Manitoba website.