Resource Families

Foster with Care

Every family has a story

Our priority is for children to remain safe and cared for in their home. However, sometimes there are situations where a child is not safe and they require care and support outside the parental home.

Resource parents (also called foster parents) provide support and stability for children and youth during this most critical time of their lives. We are currently looking for families who are interested in fostering.

Resource families (foster families) make a meaningful impact in the lives of children and their families. They open their homes to children and youth by providing a safe environment where they can be supported in their healing journey. Resource parents become an integral part of the child and their family’s support network and caregiving team.

It is our goal to preserve family relationships, culture, and important connections when children are in care. Our goal is for children and youth to be reunified with their family whenever possible and resource parents help with the child’s reunification process.

We are looking for resource homes that can provide a safe environment and support children in the healing process. We value and support our resource families to provide trauma-informed care for children and youth. Trauma-informed care is a heart-centered, parallel process of approaching our clients, colleagues, and resource parents with empathy, respect, understanding, and support. It is an organizational structure and treatment framework that involves understanding, recognizing, and responding to the effects of grief, loss, and trauma. Children need safety and connection. The trauma competent framework allows us to provide interventions that connect and promote healing.

We provide training and specialized support to our resource families to help them provide healing homes for the children and youth.

Why Should You Foster?

We know that becoming a resource parent is a decision that will impact your life and your family’s lifestyle, your circle of friends, and your communities. Being a resource parent is a journey that allows you to be important in the life of a child and for you to provide them with safety, support, and love they need to thrive.

Every child deserves a safe place to call home.

We are continuously looking for homes that may be able to provide emergency care, respite care, short-term, and long-term care for infants, children, and youth.

Steps To Become a Resource Parent

There are many steps to becoming a resource parent. Foster parents are required to become licensed in Manitoba. We offer support and guidance to resource families as they move through the different steps in the process from inquiring about fostering to the licensure stage.

Resource parents are required to attend an orientation session and complete a Structured Analysis Family Evaluation (S.A.F.E.) home study upon their application to foster. In addition, they are required to satisfactorily complete a Criminal Record Check, Child Abuse Registry Check, Prior Contact Check, and a Driver’s License Abstract. Potential resource parents are also required to provide four references, a medical report, and to meet the physical requirements necessary for ensuring safety of children.

What Do I Need to Provide

You will provide daily care and supervision to the child or children in agency care. You will also provide them with a safe home, supportive environment, love, and nurturing, while helping them maintain relationships that are important to them.

Diversity & Inclusion

We value the importance of families’ heritage, cultural roots and traditions. We support children by retaining their cultural identity through cultural practices and connection with their family.

Financial Compensation

Resource parents receive financial support. You will receive a daily per diem rate for each child based on The Province of Manitoba’s basic rates. In addition, you may receive additional funding based on the child or youth’s individual needs.

We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss fostering with you.

Please contact (204) 726-6103 or 1-800-483-8980 for more information.