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Who Our Members Are

  • Our members are community-minded people who all want to make a difference in the wellbeing of a child or family.
  • Our members are from all over southwestern Manitoba and all walks of life, cultural backgrounds and age groups.
  • Our members – past, present and future – are a huge part of why we are one of the oldest and largest social services agencies in Westman.

Why Our Members Are Important to Us

  • Our members become our eyes and ears in their communities to help us discover specific
    community needs.
  • Our members’ input and view helps direct and assist us in reaching our goals.
  • Our members highlight community support for our efforts – a crucial step to our success when we apply for the community grants and funding that we rely on to operate our family strengthening programs.
  • Our members enhance our visibility in our communities.
  • Our members’ support helps us respond to the needs of Westman children and families.
  • Our members’ voices help steer our organization into the future by adding to our vision, focus and direction.

How Members Benefit

  • Our members benefit by paying low annual fees of only $10 for one year or only $25 for three years.
  • Our members benefit by becoming eligible to run for position on our community-based Board of Directors team.
  • Our members benefit by receiving complimentary tickets to our Annual General Meeting dinner.
  • Our members benefit by having voting privileges at our Annual General Meeting.
  • Our members benefit by having a voice in the needs of their communities.
  • Our members benefit by belonging to a network community of caring people.
  • Our members benefit by being part of the CFS Western tradition of protecting children, strengthening families and making a difference in our communities.

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Ready to Join Our Board?

Joining Our Board of Directors

All members (excluding staff) of the Child and Family Services of Western Manitoba agency are eligible to run for any position on our Board of Directors. You can apply directly or another member can nominate you.

Responsibilities of the 12-person Board team include (but are not limited to):

  • Establishing goals and board policies
  • Determining impact of the agency in the community
  • Setting priorities for program development that best meet client needs through community consultations
  • Monitoring development and performance of programs
  • Writing governance bylaws
  • Participating on Board sub-committees as necessary
  • Attending occasional special board workshops as planned

Board meetings are held monthly from September through June.